Thursday, 20 September 2018

Red9 ProPack: Project and Perforce Handling

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In this demo we go through our new Project Handlers, expose newly upgraded Perforce Integration and go through our r9File class object for all TDs out there wanting an easy life.

 This is a hugely important concept for anybody running ProPack, especially within a large studio environment, if you’ve got a demo build of ProPack please ensure you watch at least the first 5 minutes of this video as its a CRUCIAL concept within the pipeline!

 The Project Handlers manage all aspects of our systems, anything that requires a variable, a path, a class binding or a settings file they all inspect this system, allowing dependencies to be dynamically changed by simply switching the project mount.

 More importantly the system now has deep Perforce integration, managing both server and workspace connection per project. Perforce is also exposed within the Red9 Browser, allowing you to seamlessly browser through your full P4 repository directly within Maya with options to checkout, revert, sync, add etc ..

 Finally we go through the r9File handler, a high level file object that binds all of the project systems together, exposing both P4 handling and base OS management in a really simple python object for all TDs to use.

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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Red9 ProPack: upgraded FK>IK matching systems and ParentSpace management added to ProPack

Delighted to be able to announce a massive upgrade in the way that we deal with FK>IK systems and ParentSpaces within the Red9 ProPack pipeline. Key to this is a new Spine matching algorithm that we've hooked up to the Red9 PuppetRig to give us a really solid match between FK and IK spine systems, something that always been very difficult to achieve.

Also added are upgrades to the Limb matching to deal with FK twist when switching over to IK, new toe rotate extraction and full management of our Auto-Clavicle setup withing the rig. This allows clients to animate with the solver on but always bake it back down to clean extracted rotate data.


On top of all of this we've added ParentSpace matching to the systems so now you really can mess with the world space of the rig and always push systems around to match over time.

All of the new features also include a new SmartBake setup such that data can be matched to current keys within the system rather than per frame baked data, perfect for clients hand-keying animation rather than moCap data.

As always check-out our other updates on the news feed of our website or on our Vimeo Channel



Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Red9 ProPack : HealthManager

The Red9 Health Manager concept is a massive part of the Red9 ProPack Pipeline, designed to allow TD’s to sanity check files in a neat, clear API with full UI support. Write your own simple compounds either using our default tests or write your own from the ground up and use those to validate your files before pushing them out to production.

I can’t stress enough just how much this has saved our lives over the last few years, allowing us to ensure all our assets are solid before we send them out to clients. This demo first goes through the initial concepts and UI, then we cover some of the more complex tests. Finally we go through how to write your own tests and Validation classes.

Note: if you’re running blendshapes and having fbx index issues watch on!!

As always, please checkout the Red9 website for more details, and don't forget to subscribe to the new YouTube channel!



Tuesday, 6 March 2018

New YouTube Channel!

Red9 is moving it's main demo videos and updates over to our new YouTube channel:

Red9 YouTube Channel

Vimeo has been great over the years but YouTube is just easier to manage in the long term. Lots of new updates on there and more to come.

Please also make sure that you checkout our main website for news and announcements



Monday, 18 December 2017

Red9 ProPack : Skin Saver

Watch the Vimeo Demo

For those who missed the update on the Red9Consultancy/News feed......

The Red9 ProPack SkinTools are designed to manage skinning data and allow users to quickly save, load and debug skin data for their characters. This also allows you to remap joints, quickly moving skinWeight info between joints in the cluster. In production we tend to pass r9Skn files around routinely when iterating on characters and it’s now a crucial part of our internal workflows so it made sense to expose it to ProPack users!

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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

For those of you who don't follow the Red9 website news section I highly recommend you add it to your RSS feed. The 2 links below are new demos that go into much more detail than ever before about the whole Red9 ProPack and PuppetRig workflows.

Demo 1 : Red9 PuppetRig

This new series of videos are designed to give you a wider overview of the Red9 ProPack and what it’s like to work with us on a professional level to help streamline and speed-up your workflows.

This first video goes through our Red9 PuppetRig solution, the new DagMenu system and dynamic CharacterPicker. Crucially it also shows we use an abstract layer to communicate with all the tools and the API, meaning that none of our systems are tied directly to the rig solution itself.

Whilst we’d love everybody to use the Puppet Rig we’re more than aware that this is an impracticality for many studios who have invested time into their own rigging systems, this is a neat way to simply add a layer of MetaNodes to fool our systems into thinking they’re dealing with a native Puppet Rig.

Demo 2 : Red9 - Managing Animation Deliveries

In this second video in the series we show you just how easy it is to map animation data over to the Red9 Puppet Rig, on-mass, using the Red9 Browser and the “Pro:To_BND” functionality. This hopefully gives you some insight to the power of the Browser when used with the in-built Extensions Manager to add custom functionality, allowing TD’s to expose functions directly to the Animators.

We go through the AnimBinder setup itself, a file that accompanies all Red9 Puppet deliveries. This is ideal for layering fast modifications to any initial character remapping, something only exposed to clients running the Puppet. The Pro Binder setup also natively supports HIK under the hood, allowing you to remap data from any fbx source, including files from MotionBuilder.

Finally we show some of the tricks unique to ProPack to deal with that initial stage of animation clean-up, filtering and re-directing.

Lots of goodies in these rwo videos and more to come



Thursday, 18 May 2017

Red9 ProPack – Butterworth Filter – Animation Re-Sampling on Steroids!

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Coming Very Soon!!!

This is a huge new feature for any animators dealing with dense baked data. The Red9 StudioPack already has an interactive curve filter to deal with re-sampling animation curves but soon the ProPack will be getting an all new Butterworth algorithm, one of the main filter methods from MotionBuilder for cleaning up noisy data.

The Butterworth filter is actually derived from an audio filter so is superb at taking noise out and re-sampling animation data, we’ve taken this method and wrapped it into a neat, interactive tool inside Maya.

This will save anybody dealing with MoCap or facial data a massive amount of production time!!

Cheers, and don't forget to link to the "News" section of our new web-site for more updates on Red9