Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Another Roll-Out v1.02 - testing new interface and presets

This is a test version with a big upgrade to the way the Animation UI deals with hierarchies. We now have a separate Tab to generically setup how all the hierarchy checkboxes are going to deal with complex animation rigs. I've even added a few presets in there which carefully tweak how the internal code deals with each rig system. The HumanIK preset is work in progress, under 2012 there's some big limitations of how the HIK callbacks are managed which I'm trying to code around!

Also added the Copy Attributes as a function which is very useful for rig to rig transfers of poses.

Videos are on the way, honest!

Download =  follow the DL Tag on the right to the generic download post.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

New release version now up Red9_Release1.01

Red9_Release1.01 - just follow the Download link to the main download folder

Lots changed and not much time to go through it at the moment. The main thing is that all the hierarchy processing for handling rigs etc is now on a separate tab. This makes things a lot easier on the main animation tab. Basically any time you have a hierarchy checkBox, its the settings on the second tab that are being run. There's a Test button so you can see what this means on your animation rig.

Added: Copy Attributes as a function, very useful for copying all channelbox attributes for rig parts across to other characters, works kind of like a temp pose.

Added: Snap Transform now wraps the copyAttrs and copyKeys as functions to allow it to fully sync entire animations including all secondary channels settings.

Coming: Presets for standard rigs you may have downloaded. These will setup the hierarchy filters for you.

I'll explain more once I've got time