Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Red9 StudioPack v1.22 : PoseUI more support added

I've been tinkering away and think I have the first version of the PoseSaver up and running. I'm still in the process of changing the TextScroll UI to include thumbnail previews but the rest of the code is now running. I'm looking for testers to help get this nailed! There's a growing RMB menu bound to each pose entry also

Download as usual on my GoogleDocs:

Red9 Download Folder

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Release v1.21 - changes to the presets

I've just uploaded a new build with many changes to the way the presets are handled and stored. This will mean that if you currently have any custom presets that you've made they may not load up in this build. I've had to do this so that the Pose format and the generic filter format are in sync with each other. This also potentially means you could read the hierarchy filter from a pose file directly (not yet supported in the UI)

I've also added a config writer for the UI itself so that the main Hierarchy and Pose tabs are all stored out. This is cool as it also means that if you have 2 Maya sessions open, changing the AnimUI in one session will get reflected in the AnimUI once opened in the second session. Seems like a far more controlled way of doing things rather than using the Maya OptVars.

As always, all feedback is welcomed

As always, the Download folder is here, in google docs RMB and click the Download option!

Red9 Download folder