Monday, 29 July 2013

Red9 Studio Pack v1.33 Released!

Well after a lot of  work I've finally got this release nailed down. This is a crucial release for anybody running Maya 2014 as it fixes some really nasty hard Maya crash issues that were happening with the PoseSaver UI. This build also includes a lot of updates to the interactive animCurve filter setup which seems to have gone down really well.

As always, any bugs or feedback is most welcome



Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Maya 2014!!! Crash bug caught

I got back from holiday earlier on this week to a few mails from people running the pack under 2014 and having issues with the poseSaver crashing Maya. It's taken a while to track down but in the latest Release Candidate (1.33) I've patched it. It looks like Autodesk have been tinkering under the hood and how I was building the popup menu for the poseSaver was crashing Maya when the poseLib was refreshed. This new build also has extended functionality to the FilterCurve setup making it way more powerful, I've added an interactive resample curve option as well as a clamp that will clamp the resulting keys to whole frames. This still isn't a full release, the changes I've made to by-pass the bug need a bit more testing but please feel free to grab it from my download link and test it out. The more feedback the better. thanks Mark