Friday, 21 February 2014


Wow, it's been a while since I posted anything, I've been meaning to do some Vimeo demos going through the new stuff in StudioPack v1.41 but just been too busy at work fire fighting to get round to it.

Have people found the 'AudioCompiler', or even the PoseBlending or MaintainParent functionality in the poseSaver, I really must do some demos next week if I get time!

I'm looking at supporting animLayers in the CopyKeys code, question is, what would people like in terms of functionality when copying anim data between 2 sources...
Should it:

  • A: sample the data from the src node, merge the animData in memory and push that to the destination as single baked anim curves. Basically baking the data on the fly but not touching the original. 
  • B: push the destination nodes into the corresponding animLayers of the source and copy the data per layer. Kind of reconstructing the animLayers memberships for the destination. The issue here is what do you do if the destination node already has animLayers?
  • C: just not bother, animLayers are Satan's Testicles and Autodesk should add this kind of support from the core!

I really wish Autodesk would do something with animLayers, either write the rest of it or kill it dead as from a pipeline and production point of view it causes so many issues!