Monday, 29 April 2013

MetaHUD - Monitoring any attrs in the Maya viewport - ChannelBox integration

And another Vimeo!

This one goes through the MetaHud node integration that's now on the popup menu in the ChannelBox. Really useful for debugging setups and monitoring data inside your rigs. The idea is really simple, it's makes a simple metaNode who's attributes are all monitored, all I do is add attrs to that node and connect those attrs up to the data I want them to monitor. Because it's a node you can wire this up to your rig and have it live there, monitoring any data you may need when debugging.

Still work in progress so any suggestions are more than welcome!


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Red9 MetaData Part3

Red9 MetaData Part 3! 

Third part in the MetaData series, this one starts to show you how to wire up a rig with the metaData backend

Any questions let me know


Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Red9 StudioPack v1.30 Released!

As per the previous post really, I've just release StudioPack v1.30 with a ton of fixes and updates. Been working on the ChannelBox RMB HUD integration, this is still kind of work in progress but it's been so useful at work that I couldn't resist pushing it into the build. Thanks again Mark

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Red9 Studio Pack Release 1.30

I'm gearing up for a new release v1.30 and thought I'd preempt it by pushing the latest change log out so you can see what to expect.
There's a ton of fixes and upgrades to a lot of the core code, if you're running metaData then I advice you take a look. There's also some neat new features gone in such as the RMB channelBox HUD integration for monitoring attrs in the Maya viewport. The PoseSaver has also had some core upgrades and now supports sub-folder poseHandler files for modifying the pose behaviour on a folder by folder basis.

This will probably go live in the next week

thanks for all the support



  • Fix - Red9_Meta - type 'unicode' value's weren't being supported correctly in the setAttr func
  • Fix - Red9_Anim - MirrorSetup - loadMirror was failing to load custom Axis correctly.


  • Fix - Red9_Meta - isChildNode() wasn't dealing with longNames correctly
  • Mod - Red9_PoseSaver - batchPatchPoses() modified to make it more flexible. added arg to stop it always resaving the pose after patchfunc has been run. also now passing poseFile back into patchfunc
  • New - Red9_PoseSaver - support added! - This is a BIG deal for TD's out there as it gives you access to all the internal node handling at a sub-folder level. Allows you to fully customize the pose behaviour on a folder basis!
  • Fix - Red9_Anim - PoseUI wasn't remembering the last subFolderyou were in.


  • New - Red9_Anim - PoseUI now has a RMB Make Directory call
  • New - Red9_Anim - PoseUI now has a 'Debug:Copy to Folder'. This is an avanced option for by-passing the node handlers on a folder by folder basis!
  • Mod - Red9_Anim - 'Ctrl' click when launching the AnimationUI will boot it non-docked
  • Mod - Red9_Meta - Calls that previously only took an mType/mInstance as a [string] arg now also accept the class too... so r9Meta.getMetaNodes('MetaRig') and r9Meta.getMetaRig(r9Meta.MetaRig) both are accepted.
  • Mod - Red9_Meta - getChildren now takes an additional arg 'cAttrs' which can be used to only return children connected via a given attr name (this uses wildcards and will take a list)


  • Fix - Red9_Anim - added full traceback to the error handling in the AnimUI
  • Fix - Red9_Meta - added full traceback to the error handling in the nodeLockManager and thus the main class
  • Fix - Red9_Meta - setAttr wasn't raising errors due to the decorator. Patched
  • Mod - Red9_Meta - updated MetaHUD, simplified event handler, now connected to refresh by default
  • New - Red9_Meta - Added HUD wrappers now being called by the ChannelBox RMB menu - gives you access to the MetaHud monitors and makes the setup more integrated