Friday, 27 July 2012


So I released v1.24 and forgot to patch the scriptEditor inspect for Maya2010 and 2013. Just patched the version on the download link.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Maya Script Editor - Code Inspector

This is a neat little bit of integration to the script editor's popup menu that's going into the latest build of the Red9 Pack, v1.24.
I've added a new menu item to the ScriptEditor RMB popup, "Red9_InspectFunction", which uses either the whatIs command for MEL or Python's inspect module to then lookup the source function file for the highlighted text, if found it will open up the mel or python module in the default editor on your system. Really handy for debugging!
Since this video I've also managed to get it to run from the history scroll as well as the editor itself which makes it even easier.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

r9Meta been playing

Just a few simple ideas but it all seems to make sense. So rather than having to always have a specific node that we use for metadata, I've removed all of that so that any Maya node can be passed in and managed by the same baseclass. Also been playing with adding a flag that when the Maya node is passed and the Python object made, it automatically pushes all the attributes from that Maya node directly to the Python Object, why? Well it gives you full auto-completion for all attributes in the editors which lets face it, when you're dealing with a big shader or material is a godsend!

Red9 - MetaClass Initial Demo from Red on Vimeo.