Friday, 1 April 2011

Updated version Beta2

I've been doing a little house work on the code and thought I'd drop a new version up, also working on some video tutorials to show you what this setup can do.

ChangeLog: 31st March 11
SnapTransforms:  Added an iterator to the SnapTransforms code. This is an important extra which should now allow you to deal with complex hierarchy structures that don't follow a standard pattern. Previously if your Rig wasn't structured so that the feet were the children of the hips, which was the child of the Root etc, then the snap order may have got the data wrong. The iterator allows you to have the code run back through the snap results over X number of passes to get a better result.

Install updates:  By default the setup is designed to be installed via the Maya module system following the install instructions in the pack, but I've added support so that if you didn't want to do that, you could just launch the whole thing via a standard Python import call. So from the Script editor in Maya (Python Tab)

import sys
sys.path.append('path to the Red9/scripts folder')
import Red9_Setup

That should get the whole setup running, including adding the Plugin path etc. Still not sure which is the better approach, would people want to use the module file? Personally I find it better as you can have a simple module folder outside the Maya versions in the myPref/maya folder and that will run the setup for all your Maya versions in one go.

Just follow the Download tag to grab the latest version..


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