Monday, 26 November 2012

Red9 Studio Pack v1.27 - RC candidate :)

Well after a LOT of work v1.27 is pretty much nailed down. Huge list of upgrades both to MetaData systems, PoseLibs and in general across the board. I'm going to be doing a full video sweep of all the toolsets in the next few days and once done I'll push the build out.

A few last minute fixes are still going in but I'm really excited as this build has huge potential. MetaRig is now in full production at work and being battered, hence all the changes at the moment. I really want to nail down the api before shipping this one in case people start to use it internally like we're now doing.

Brief outline of changes:

  • MetaData has multiple expansions and fixes to MetaClass and MetaRig. Too many to write so it's easier to just look through both the unittests and the example files. Some of these calls are to make it easier for you to subclass the code for your own use, particularly the 'getChildren' and '__bindData__' funcs.
  • PoseSaver now fully supports relative pose loading, ie, loading the stored data relative to a given node. This supports projected and absolute modes. Projected is the pose offset relative to the current ground plane, with projected direction and translation, absolute is just that.
  • PoseSaver now supports a PosePointCloud system to allow you to manipulate a rig in world space with geo reference. 
  • PoseSaver UI has had a ton of upgrades to make it more user friendly, mainly in the RMB menu's
  • FilterNode hierarchy filtering now supports an '=' and 'NOT:' operator so you can specify you want all nodes with x attribute where x=6. Or NOT:thisAttr which will exclude all nodes with the given attr. Again, take a look at the unittests
  • Hierarchy tab in the AnimUI now has a RMB bound to the filterPriorities scroll to let you set these yourself and modify the order.
  • SceneReview upgraded
  • AttrMap now capable of storing the attrMap internally on a given node so a rig can have it stored as an attr on itself for re-loading any time you need.
  • MetaNodeUI now supports a double click = select all children from selected system. Expanded RMB menu too.
  • Mirror systems tweaked and finalized in code for mirroring animation and poses. This needs a UI to allow you to set it!

Still looking for more testers and feedback, particularly those on Linux/mac as I've tried to make this buils os independent but have no way of checking myself.


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