Friday, 22 February 2013

New Features Coming soon!!

Well I've been busy over the last few nights trying to get a ton of updates into the pack.

PoseSaver now supports SubFolders:

SubFolders will switch the UI to display all child folders from the current PosePath, ie, PosePath/subFolders, selecting any of these will switch the UI to show poses in the chosen subFolder. I've clamped it to a single child folder as I really didn't want this UI to get out of hand. I guess it could expand with double click and single click commands but let's see how we get on. The Clear button will clear the subFolder text and thus return you to the root folder poses.

Also added is a tool that I used to death at Eurocom, an automated cameraTracker. This is great for moCap deliveries as it means you can just select a controller, or mesh and have the camera track the motion, saves continually shifting cameras to see deliveries. It's also great for seeing things like walk and run loops on the spot or aiming in on facial.

Working process: you select something for the tracker to aim at and choose either panning or tracking camera. The code will use the current camera in the current modelling panel and track the selected over time. As with all the Red9 code timeRange is either the current playback timerange, OR the area in the timeslider highlighted in Red. Tracking moves the camera, panning leaves it where it is and just aims at. This is a really simple bit of code, all it's doing is hacking into Maya's viewFit calls, the same thing you do when you hit the 'F' key. The option box lets you set the framestep used between samples.

Code Cleanups:
The AnimationFunctions class now takes a matchMethod arg which switches how nodes are matched during node processing. By default when it tries matching nodes in 2 hierarchy it allows prefixes, so SID_L_Wrist will match L_Wrist. I do a test to see if either name ends with the other, if it does it's considered a match. Now this can fall down if you have similarly named nodes in a hiererchy, like in facial you may have L_LowerLip and L_LowerLip_f, now these technically in the current setting will clash and may give unwanted results. So the arg flag is there to modify this. I've not yet exposed it to the UI but may add a settings optionBox in there somewhere to allow you to modify this flag.

 Note: the PoseSaver code already uses a more precise node match.

This new build is in testing at the moment