Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Red9 v1.31 - new Sound Menu

Just a really quick one to show you something that's gone in in the latest build (which I'll push out over the weekend). I've added Sound support to the TraxMenu as below. Nothing too special just a lot of useful small functions when dealing with audio in Maya.

I've been in Trax a lot recently purely because I'm getting facial lipSync setups sorted at work so am always messing around with audio. I was getting really frustrated, not just because in Maya2013 you CAN'T DELETE bloody audio from there any more! Features on this:

  • Delete selected - obvious one, delete selected audio nodes - gets over the bug in 2013 where tyou can't delete them unless you do it in the Outliner
  • Activate Selected Audio - pushes the selected audio node onto the timeline and turns it to be the active one, frustrating there isn't something like this already!
  • Set Timeline to Selected: works on multiple audio's, sets the timeline to the boundaries of the selected AUDIO nodes
  • Mute/unMute - obvious
  • Open Audio Path - open up the selected wav file source folder in explorer (linux/MacOS supported too)

Anyway, if anybody has any suggestions let me know, otherwise I'll ship this build as it is



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