Friday, 28 June 2013

New Interactive Curve Filter and Randomizer UI's

A Vimeo demo of 2 new anim UI's designed for anybody dealing with dense baked data such as MoCap or wanting to add some random noise into anim data.

 The InteractiveSimplifyUI is basically a smart wrapper over Maya's internal simply command, anybody who's ever used the default tool will know how basic and un-user friendly it is. This deals with that issue by giving you interactive key reduction. Unlike the default Maya implementation this also allows you to reduce just selected keys.

 The Randomizer is another anim curve manipulation function, designed to allow you to add controlled noise into anim data. This went into a previous build but has had a face lift and been made interactive as well.

 This demo was done on a test build so the UI's may expand a little by the time they hit a release.

As always, all suggestions are welcomed


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