Monday, 30 September 2013

Gearing up for v1.34

Well there's a been a lot of development behind the scenes on the StudioPack recently, lots of fixes and a few new features going in.

MetaData has had a lot of speed up work to support Morpheus2 better and the insane amount of metaNodes that Josh has crafted around it. I'm also working with him to integrate the poseSaver in his meta structures which will mean all Morpheus2 users will get full access to all the hidden goodies in the AnimUI.

A few new bits have gone in by request:

  • Track and Stabilize now has 2 new checkBoxes to isolate the track to 'rots' or 'trans', these flags are exposed via the SnapTransforms plugin so can be expanded elsewhere. 
  • Tracker also now has forward / back buttons saving you having to set the step to -1 to go backwards.
  • PoseSaver (when running metaRig) now has the option to maintain any parent switches. Basically whatever space you have your parent switches set to are respected during the poseLoad. This means for example you could have stored the pose with your wrists set to be in 'HIP' space but want to load the pose with the wrists now set to 'WORLD'... this is now recalculated so the pose loads correctly and maintains the new parent space settings.

There's also been a lot of extra work done to expose more functions to the metaRig, again, gearing up for a good Morpheus integrate.

Still looking for more testers and feedback. I'd also love to compile a list of users, particularly studios using the setups so feel free to drop me a mail, I'd love your feedback!



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