Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Red9 StudioPack v1.40 - update video :)

Well it's nearly time for another release of the pack, this one will be a big one as there's been a hell of a lot of development behind the scenes to optimize and streamline the workflows. Thought I'd do an update video as it's far easier than trying to write it all down!

Highlights of v1.40:

  • New - 'Use Priority as SnapList' in the hierarchy tab. This is THE biggest upgrade for a while, see the video as this is a massive optimization and gets over a ton of issues.
  • New Presets in the hierarchy for Stewart, TSM and Andy rigs - these need testing.
  • Object and CharacterSets are now handled like any other hierarchy in the filters.
  • Red9 HUD integration in the channelBox has been upgraded and now supports both simple Hud elements and sliders.
  • Pose Relative upgraded to support the new Snap methods
  • SnapTransforms now upgraded to support the new Snap methods
  • Track N Stabilize upgraded, now supports separated trans and rots in the tracker. 
  • SnapTransforms plugin now takes tran and rot flags
  • More functionality in the InteractiveCurve UI
  • MirrorUI upgraded, now allows a pre-clear when loading mirrorMaps.

Hopefully I'll be pushing this pack out in the next week or so



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