Monday, 23 December 2013

Happy Christmas! Early StudioPack v1.41 rc release for testing :)

Well I've been beavering away and thought I'd push the latest release candidate for v1.41 out to the download folder, well it is Christmas (I really should get a life, let the beer commence!)

 This build includes the initial implementation of the new AudioCompiler in the TraxEditor Red9 Sound menu:

This will take either, selected audioNodes or all audioNodes in Maya and compile them into a single wav file. It'll then import this new wav file and activate it. Why, well how many of you have tried to work with facial data and with multiple sound nodes in Maya, then cursed Maya when you try and playblast the scene only to have just 1 of those sounds play. It's a HUGE screw up, something that's been suggested on the Autodesk forums for years.

How the hell do most people work around it?? Well now you can do something about it. This also includes the new timeOffset RMB options in the timeline.

 As always, let me know how you get on.

The build is in the Download folder, follow the download link on the right!

 Happy Christmas


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