Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Red9 ProPack: upgraded FK>IK matching systems and ParentSpace management added to ProPack

Delighted to be able to announce a massive upgrade in the way that we deal with FK>IK systems and ParentSpaces within the Red9 ProPack pipeline. Key to this is a new Spine matching algorithm that we've hooked up to the Red9 PuppetRig to give us a really solid match between FK and IK spine systems, something that always been very difficult to achieve.

Also added are upgrades to the Limb matching to deal with FK twist when switching over to IK, new toe rotate extraction and full management of our Auto-Clavicle setup withing the rig. This allows clients to animate with the solver on but always bake it back down to clean extracted rotate data.


On top of all of this we've added ParentSpace matching to the systems so now you really can mess with the world space of the rig and always push systems around to match over time.

All of the new features also include a new SmartBake setup such that data can be matched to current keys within the system rather than per frame baked data, perfect for clients hand-keying animation rather than moCap data.

As always check-out our other updates on the news feed of our website or on our Vimeo Channel



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