Thursday, 18 November 2010

Beta1.5 updated

Just updated the links with a new version. Some big changes to the way the systems integrate into Maya, you now get a Red9 menu in teh main Maya window with all the calls in it, also links with the help docs.

  • SceneTimeOffset added: This is a major update. It allows you to shift time either globally in the scene (shifts all animCurves, sound Nodes, Clips and timelines in one go), or it'll shift whatever nodes are selected. Example, you have 3 sound nodes selected, one clip and 5 transforms, the code will treat each one as it should be and shift them correctly.
  • The NodeSearcher + Snap Tranforms Search NodeName fields now compile to a regular expression making it way more powerful. Simple things like clamping the search to the start or end of the nodeName are dead easy. In this example the search will be clamped to all nodes that start with 'L' and end with 'Ctr'. For help on Regular expressions take a look at this link regular-expressions
  • The class calls to the UI have all changed, see install if you want to call the UI's through code or add them to a shelf call
  • LockChannel UI added to control the key and lock state on selected nodes, or hierarchy.
  • Help integrated so you can just call it from the help item in the menu, this will just boot the pdf help doc
As always all feedback is very welcome, or feature requests.