Monday, 19 September 2011

Studio Pack v1.06 Released

Updates v1.06:

Major bug in the Animation UI, it wasn't returning the Animation Hierarchy Preset priority lists. This meant that the Morpheus and HIK support in the presets was broken for the snap tools.

You can now add you're own preset by clicking the Store New Filter button in the Animation> HierarchyControl Tab. Also added a RMB Delete to remove presets if needed. The whole oft his has been updated and cleaned up.

Obtimized a lot of code to try and speed things up. This is still ongoing.

As always any suggestions please feel free to mail me. I'm working on a request for a tool to manage and allow users to add timeWarp curves to animation layers so you can control them at a layer level rather than having to use the Scene Timewarp. This will go into the next pack.

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