Wednesday, 23 November 2011

New build on it's way!

Version 1.07 was put up on Creative Crash a few days ago but since then I've been busy adding new features to the pack which I thought I'd share, these will go up as a new build newt week I think.

AnimationUI - object processing orders:
All the calls in the AnimationUI now have an additional method of filtering selected object pairs for processing. It used to be either 'Hierarhcy' mode, ( in which case 2 selected Root hierarchies would be processed for matching child nodes), or 'Selected' mode (in which case I'd process objects such that (ObjA>ObjB)(ObjC>ObjD) ... etc. )
The new mode basically allows you to send the data from the first selected onto ALL of the subsequently selected nodes so that (ObjA>ObjB)(ObjA>ObjC)(ObjA>ObjD).....

Why? Well lets say you wanted to copy animation data from a source onto multiple objects in the scene. Well this will now let you do just that. This is now enabled for CopyKeys and CopyAttrs functions in the UI

TimeOffset Functions. 
These have had yet more work done on then, Options added to stop the timelines being offset in 'FullScene' mode. Also added a new 'flocking' method when you're processing selected nodes. In this mode rather than offsetting each selected nodes animation by a constant offset, each mode would now get the Offset+offset incrementally as each one is processed. Great for processing bulk animation data when you want something like timeoffset rotates of hundreds of animated blocks etc.

More on it's way


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