Friday, 2 December 2011

V1.08 now released

Well another version has just been uploaded with a number of new features. I've also setup a Vimeo channel which I'll drop the link for once the demos are online.

CopyKey and CopyAttr - these now have a new checkbox 'toMany' which allows you to copy animation data from the first selected node, to ALL subsequently selected nodes, duplicating/syncing the animation / attrs to all. This was initially in v1.07 but there was a bug in the processing.

TimeOffset. Added functionality to allow you to offset the animation of selected nodes in a flocking behaviour, adding the offset to each subsequent node processed. Also added a randomizer to the TimeOffset, the offset entered is passed to a random function before the animdata is offset. Random will offset the curves between 0 and the offset entered.

As always, all suggestions and feedback welcomed.


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