Thursday, 22 December 2011

Red Studio Pack v1.10

I've just rolled out a new build of the pack which should show up in the Download folder and also on CreativeCrash.

This is a big release for the Animation and NodeSearch code. After doing more Vimeo demos I caught a number of bugs in the way the logic was running that didn't feel right so I've hopefully made it all a little clearer. I've fixed the HIK support in this release, I took it out in v1.09 as I was trying to find a neater way of dealing with all the HIK callbacks, all the Animation functions should now work as they would on any other rig system. Also added support for CharacterSets and SelectionSets which can now be used as the root selection for the Hierarchy filters. Makes it easy dealing with rigs where you have neat keying selectionSet groups as you can just select a source and destination set and run the Hierarchy filters and thus all the AnimationUI tools between those 2 sets.

See the Vimeo channel for the latest demos.

Happy Christmas!