Friday, 21 September 2012

Almost there.... v1.26 in testing

Now a Python Site-Package
Well I'm just tidying up a few loose ends before getting a new version ready for release. This is a BIG update with a lot of fixes so bear with me: The big change is that the systems no longer support the Maya module system, instead I've made it a proper Python site-package which makes it lots easier in many ways, it's also something that had been requested by a few people. I've updated all the docs to reflect this.

Main updates in Studio Pack v1.26:
MetaData has been fleshed out hugely since the last release, lots of additions and much better attribute handling across the board. There's a few good test examples that I'll ship which should take you through the MetaData basics. This is the core of the updates and has taken a lot time to nail down. It's also now threaded into the main UI's and FilterNode calls.

MetaData NodeUI: Added a new MetaData nodeUI for managing and finding MetaData in your scene. This has a RMB menu for filtering for specific class nodes.

Mirroring of Animation and poses is now supported via the MetaRig. This rely's on markers laid down when adding a MetaRig solution to your setups. I may in the future make this more accessible to non-coders and add a MetaRig UI for binding your rigs to the setups.

MouseMoCap: New RecordAttrsUI added in the menu which allows you to marker channels in the channelBox for recording, when you hit the record, the timeline is played and all changes to those attributes recorded and turned into keys.

CodeInspector in the ScriptEditor RMB menu now runs correctly from text selected in both the executer and reporter dialogues. I've also made this cross platform so hopefully the history inspect should run on Mac and Linux now. I'm testing a module called pyperclip which seems to do the job fine. The only limitation at the moment is that I'm doing an os.start(path) on the path I find and if you have Python installed, the default is to open the file in the standard Python shell rather than your editor. Trying to think of the best way to handle this limitation. Suggestions welcomed!

The timeOffset of animation on selected nodes would fail if you had AnimationLayers, this should now be fixed.

MetaData allows you to inherit from the MetaClass in your own code and have that code registered inside the systems. This will be explained in the examples that go out with the release.



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