Friday, 28 September 2012

MetaClass : More attribute handlers added

I'm expanding the attribute Handling in the base MetaClass as some of the examples in the unittests made no sense to me. For example if I did the following I'd get the color values back from the compound float3 attribute but I couldn't set them:
mLambert.color  #Result [(1.0, 1.0, 0.0)]
In fact the whole way Maya cmds wraps the handling of compound attributes is crap! So I've wrapped them in the latest dev build and to me, they make a lot more sense than default Maya, you can now simply do:
and the compound3 attribute will be set correctly, the value accepts either a list or tuple with 3 values, any less will raise a managed ValueError.

Also in the new build, v1.26 the messageLink handling in the base class was upgraded so that setting message links, either multi or non-multi is now a simple case of:
If the attribute already has connections those are disconnected and the relevant attrs deleted on the old connected nodes. Again as I'm going through this and more people are feeding back I'm gradually expanding the MetaClass base. If you find any more issues with the attribute handlers let me know

Oh and in the current build of v1.26 the presets in the AnimationUI fail to manage the metaRig checkbox and  are a little bit flaky, this is fixed, just got to update the server.


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