Friday, 7 March 2014

New Pose Saver tools and features

Well it's been a while since I did a demo so here's one that goes through the upgrades to the poseSaver in v1.41.

New PoseBlending: Pose Blending is a new feature that allows you to mix in a percentage of any pose to the current state of your controllers. When you RMB>PoseBlend you get a new slider UI that controls the mix. Note that when this slider is launched the current state of the rig is CACHED against it's current state so please be aware of that. I had to do this to get the slider to react fast enough to make it worth doing.

New MaintainParents: Another big update to the poseLoader. This one allows the pose code to 'hold' or maintain a given set of attributes during pose load. This not only returns the given attrs back to their current state prior to loading the pose, but it also recalculates the pose at the same time. This means that even if a pose is stored with all the controllers in one parent space and your current controller is in a different space, the original stored pose will still be reached, but it'll be recalculated in the current space ;)

This relies on the 'relative space' flag and is only available in this mode as I use this mechanism to do the psace compensation.

Any comments, suggestions or bugs let me know