Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Red9 Sound and Audio handler updates

Finally got round to doing a quick demo of the new AudioNode handler in the Red9 StudioPack. This one shows how you can use the 'compile' function in the sound menu to pre-compile multiple sound nodes in Maya so that you get a complete soundtrack to any playblasts. Anybody who's ever tried animating to multiple sound nodes in Maya, particularly when animating dialog will know how frustrating it is when you then try and playbladt that scene, and only get 1 sound track included!!

I also go through the new inspect code, capable of extracting metaData info from wav files including full support for Broadcast wav's. This is really useful to gain access to thiongs like internal timecode data. There's also extensions capable of extracting metaData from any media format, Mov, avi etc but for that you have to download ffmeg which I use in the inspect call.

I'm really keen to hear from those running MacOs or Linux, does the compiler work for you?

thanks (don't forget the donate button...cough...)