Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Red9 Studio Pack v1.42 released

So it's been a while since the last release but now everything is on GitHub it should be a lot easier to manage releases, I'm just going to take tags so you get full access to everything. Also the main branch of code is the gitHub trunk so you see any changes as I commit them on a daily basis.

Download is a lot easier than on GoogleDrive, just click on the tag and there's a link to download as a zip.

cheers and keep the suggesttions and comments comming, they do help!


Highlights of the release are also commented up there but just in case:


  • New - Red9_Audio - added BWav support to the AudioNode. This allows you to inspect and retrieve Timecode data from any broadcast wav
  • New - Red9_Audio - added a new 'inspect' item to the Red9 sound menu in the Trax for inspecting the internal properties of the selected sound node
  • Mod - Red9_Anim - Stabilizer wasn't respecting the keyer groups when you set it to just track 'rots' or 'trans'
  • New - Red9_Anim - CopyKeys now deals with animLayer by pre-merging the data to a temp cache before copying the merged data. The original layers are left in tact!
  • New - Red9_Audio - added a function getMediaFileMetaData() which is capable of extracting metaData from most media file types via ffprobe.exe
  • Mod - Red9_Pose - added a filterMap param to the poseCompare call. This can be used as a master core list, only nodes that appear on this will be checked against. Useful for checking core skeleton nodes whilst ingnoring others
  • Mod - Red9_Pose - added an ignoreBlocks to the poseCompare call. This allows the code to ignore complete sections of the compare data, we mainly use this for ['missingKeys'] so that the compare skips them
  • Mod - Red9_Anim - modified the AnimUI behaviour such that the 'CTRL' key modifier is now stored with the UI. If you laucnh the UI with ctrl held it'll toggle between launching as docked or not.
  • Mod - Red9_Anim - exposed the snapTranslates and snapRotatesflags to the snap() call in AnimFunctions Mod - Red9_Core - Mods to the LockChannels class for better behaviour, set hierarchy flag to false by default.
  • New - Red9_Meta - new flag exposed at class level '_forceAsMeta'. This forces the code to ALWAYS return instansiated MetaClass objects when dealing with nodes rather than dag paths.