Thursday, 8 May 2014

V1.42 update....

So anybody who follows me on G+ will have seen the pose on v1.42 and the fact that I caught a big bug in the way that the AnimUi dealt with animLayers, particularly when using the mirror tools. This is now fixed on the GitHub trunk and I'll be releasing a new patched version of v1.42 very soon.

The new build has had a lot of extra work done on the UI to try and make it feel more solid. The mirror tools now work correctly with animLayers, if they are found it'll prompt you that I need to merge them and let you confirm. The SnapTransforms will, if animLayers are found and the pre-copyKeys is set, automatically merge the layers down before processing, then return them once finished.

Oh and I've added the ability to add multiple search's in the PoseUI search field, so you can filter for "walk,run,idle" which will just show poses that match any of those strings. I'm debating having this as a regex search so you could do more complex filters, either that or have a flag that switches this new behavior to be either additive, or intersection. If Intersection it would find only poses that have 'walk, 'run' and 'idle' in their name.

There are a few other small fixes that have gone in since 1.42 but these are just continued developments.