Monday, 21 January 2013

Red9 Studio Pack v1.28 Released - MirrorSetups

Just a quick note to say that I've just updated the download lists to the latest build v1.28. See previous posts about the updates.

I've also added a new MirrorSetup UI for setting up the Mirror Markers and added a Vimeo demo of the setup.





  1. Mirroring setup is much more understanable now!
    Thank you for your video tut!!

    Would it have been possible to be able to SAVE OUT mirror setups for rigs (such as AdvSkel or maybe other scripted solutions that has similar naming conventions), so that is not needed for one to set it for each new rig?

  2. Damn good idea, I'll add it into the next build. Do you think it would help if I shipped a few presets to enable some standard rigs to be hooked in by just loading a given mirror store?

  3. Great stuff, Mark.

    Couple of q's. Is there a reason for the index option rather than a message connect to the mirror object(s)?

    And is there a function for pushing left>right or right>left for symmetry restore?

    Keep being awesome:)

    1. Keeps it simple and easily manageable when people start duplicating stuff around. Also means that simple non-rigged systems will work just as well without much of an overhead.

      If you want to just switch something from left to right that has no matching pair object, you can use the centre setting as that's all that's doing, just running the inverse transform calls.

      Or if it's going to be helpful I could add a call to just run the inverse calls separately?

    2. Thanks for the info. Are you using the indexes for a hierarchy of how to apply the mirror commands down a chain as well?

      I'm not sure we're tracking each other on the other point. As an example if someone has customized one side of a character to their liking, I wanna be able to mirror that from the left to right for example and not just mirror the whole pose. Does that make sense?

    3. The current implementation is that with Hierarchy checkbox on, it does the full hierarchy from selected node, as the rest of the toolkit. If that's off, it'll only mirror the selected controllers BUT you can't just mirror a left hand, you have to select a pair that match indexes (unless it's a center controller in which case you can mirror on their own).

      Are you saying you'd like to pose a Left Hand, then push that data to the right without effecting the left?

    4. Exactly. A restore symmetry if you will, push left to right or vice versa.

  4. Mark,

    Yes I think a mirror presets would be awesome to have!
    Please include Morpheus and AdvancedSkeleton2 standard rig setups if possible!

    Best Regards,

    I also proposed for the Pose editor, to be able to store not only standard poses, but also animations that may be pasted in certain timeline positions if that is possible.
    (In fact AdvancedSkeleton setup did have such a feature that apparently was broken in 2013)
    I would be glad if your faboulous tool, could possibly enable such feature once more. It would make the whole tool MORE than just a COMPLETE and POWERFULL toolbox!!
    Crossing fingers and hoping for you to cast your magic spell ;)

    KEEP IT UP! We are following your roots!!

  5. I'm looking at ATOM at the moment, all depends how much time I can throw at this. It's not the code it's the UI and really at some point to do it nicely I feel a QT update may be needed, but we'll see. We're not running 2013 at work so the push for ATOM isn't as great at the moment.

  6. Please feel free to send me over anything that you might want me to test out if that helps!!

    1. If you want to join the testers drop me mail and I'll add you to the email group.

    2. didn't get an email? did you send it to the email at the top of the page?

  7. Yes @
    Resent it, any luck now ? Junk maybe ?