Tuesday, 8 January 2013

StudioPack V1.28

Well after the StudioPack v1.27 release at Christmas there have been a few important bug fixes I've caught in the setups. In the current build there's a bug which prevents the SceneReporter from opening properly, I'd made some last minute changes to MetaData that the unit-tests didn't pickup. Also a few extra unexpected issues in the animation setups which were picked up whilst I was doing the walk through video. These are now patched and I'll push the new build out later this week hopefully.

I've also added a ton of extra wrapping to the Meta Api and Pose libraries which will make it easier for those of you wanting to use meta to expand it for your own purposes. Have to say a big thank you to Josh Burton from CGMonks/Morpheus Kickstarter for all the nagging and pushing he's been doing as it's really helped expand and stabilize the api. This new build has many extra tweaks to the way attrs are handled, particularly enum attrs. I've also done some restructuring which again, is aimed at allowing you more flexibility to inherit and over-load some of the key functionality.

thanks for all the support



  1. I tried to test out Red9 with an skeleton built with Adavnced Skeleton Script from animationstudios.com.au

    I tried all the following presets
    Basic_rig/ Default/ Standard_Hierarchy

    but when I tried to use the mirror controls functions, I couldn't either mirror animation, or pose at all!

    Is there something that I am doing wrong, or there is something wrong with the solution that needs to be addressed as well ?

    Last but not least, I was wondering wether the pose library could also have the following capabiities
    1) Be able to group certain poses into specific named groups
    2) Be able to store not only poses but also animation poses that may be applied into specific time and on.

    I am looking forqard to receiving your reply.

    Best Regards,

  2. The Mirror calls all need data setting up on the rig controllers. The calls are all there in the code I just need to firstly do a Video to show how, and secondly do a UI to allow people to easily set these up.

    Each controller needs a mirrorSide, mirrorIndex and optionally a mirrorAxis attr setting to tell the system how to find the controllers matching side pair object, and what specific axis to invert in the process, if any.

    Now the MetaData rig examples also add this data along side the metaRig, but it's not essential, the mirror code will work on anything, any hierarchy at all, just needs setting.

    I'll get a demo done as soon as I get time


  3. Mark,

    I think that is really missing from the tuts!
    Mirroring setup doesn't seem to be obvious - at least for me
    Can't wait to follow it when becomes available.

    How about the other pose section features ?
    Any luck of having the implemented ?

    Best Regards,