Tuesday, 16 October 2012

MetaClass - extra candy for complex Json attributes

Ok here's an interesting question. At the moment with the MetaClass stuff you can serialize a complex python structure, like a dictionary, to a string attribute on the MClass Maya node which then means you can do something like this:

#make an r9Meta.mClass node with an attribute managed by the JSON handler

#return the original dict back from the Maya Node
all goodness so far, but what if the user then does the following?


mClass.newDict['A'] #2.0 ??????
You expect that would then modify the mClass attribute you added, wouldn't you? Well no, as the mClass.newDict returns a standard dict (by deserializing the Json string, which is then out of the scope of the metaClass code, it's just a dict and has no knowledge of the mClass itself.

So I've been thinking, what if the mClass.__getAttribute__ call that returns that dict actually returned a managed dict of my own type with an overloaded __setitem__ which would then push the changes back to the original mClass attribute? Well it works in testing, not sure if there's an easier way of linking these but I couldn't think of one. The beauty now is that you can do the following and this will pass the value back to the mClass and reserialize it back to the actual Maya string Json Attribute

mClass.newDict['A']  #fooBar
I'm still looking into this but it certainly makes the code side a hell of a lot more manageable and flexible when you're using this class