Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Some updates and cleanup

Well I've been having a serious session on the PoseSaver and decided it was about time that I added the ability to load a pose RELATIVE to a given node. This is up and running in test at the moment. So the idea is that you select a node you know to be in the poseFile (ie a rigController) and as long as you have the 'relative' flag set and are in hierarchy mode then the pose will load relative to that MayaNode. This means if you have a walk cycle and store the start pose, then scrub to the end of the anim, you can now select a node and load the start pose at the end of the anim in the correct space relative to the given node.

It'll make more sense if I do a video but I know a lot of folks were asking if this was possible, so it's now in.
Also with the poseSaver I've removed the default behaviour that was reading in the filter stored in the pose, it seems to make more sense that the hierarchy filter is used from the UI and not defaulted to the filter stored when you made the pose. It's caught me out a few times now and I've spend half the afternoon going round in circles only to find that this was the culprit!