Monday, 15 October 2012


Well another day another toolkit in progress and testing. This is a really simple concept, a SceneReview tool that stores comments and review notes made by people across the studio as they open and comment on the scene file.

 The data is stored internally in the scene, if you make a comment then only you can edit it. If somebody else open the scene up and wants to comment, they 'Add a New Comment' which pushes the current one to the history stack so it becomes part of a tracked review for that scene.

 The cool bit is the 'Activate Live Review'. Dead simple, it adds a scriptNode to the scene so that when the scene is open the UI pops up and displays all the comments and history that have been made. If the Live Review is killed I delete the scriptNode and it no longer pops up (but the data is still there next time the UI is opened)

This'll probably make the next release in a few weeks after I've tested the Relative Pose code a little more deeply